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Videos from Gallery and Atelier
Art must be seen with the heart

Energy artist
I sense energy in colors and also which colors will be good for you and your energy flows. I create them based on a freedom and an intuition just for you if you want a personal work.

My nature abstract works are all created in this way. Many people have often put into words what certain colors do for them.

I paint in largely all colors - and therefore it is possible for the individual to feel in, during a presentation in the gallery, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the sofa and be shown and led into my color universe.

At Galleri A. Lang you can also have a completely personal painting made, painted based on which colors I read based on your personality.

It has produced some really great results over time

In the video you can see how I started creating the work I have called

"The Magic Forest"

It can be seen under "Large Nature Abstractions" and measures 100 x 140

When I painted my work "The Jungle" I had to use a ladder as the work is 2 meters high

The jungle is available as 'Print on canvas' with the dimension 80 x 120

When I paint houses in my figurative works, I pay a lot of attention to the details. There must be something new to discover all the time

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