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Who is Annette Lang


Annette Lang (1963)
Originally trained from Copenhagen Art School.
Since 1989, she has been taking part in several censored exhibitions and exhibitions

in many different galleries at home and abroad, and in a number of large Danish

companies, public buildings and art associations.

Artist Statement

One of the most important things in my life is to express myself ... it's a circle of

experiencing - to be present, sense and then give it back to the universe again in the

form of an expression ...

That's why I call myself an expressionist - in that it is my perception of the world.

For me, it is the colors that first and foremost control the process.

Colors are energy, and each color has its own frequency and tone. It is the contrasts that are of great interest to me.

I have also always loved this in my own life, love to see the beauty in the imperfect.
I am inspired by contemplation, change and renewal
I look for the contrasts in the light and in the dark, in the expression of the colors for example from yellow to purple, or from green to red.
A little of one color and a lot of the other, never the same amount. Trying to harmonize it so the eye gets calm.

I also use that the colors can manipulate emotions if I want to tell something specific.

I want the viewer to have their own experience of the work, but that I have created an atmosphere, a framework that can be felt if you want.
This can be done with with light or dark colors, or the range between the cold and warm shades.

I work especially with the depth of the image. I use the shades of the colors for what I want to be close to or far away.

My paintings are built up of many layers, thick and thin. By using these many layers, one can get a feeling of looking down below the water surface which I find interesting.
I wish the work has secrets that one can explore into painting.
I feel like you must not be able to see a painting right away.
My images are a mixture of dream and reality. An emotion, a memory, to go into oneself and give oneself to the encounter.
As in the figurative images with people, moods from streets and alleys. Recognize yourself in others.
Likewise, in my nature abstractions, one can in the same way enter into the work. Here you perhaps go more into your own spiritual journey, and in the mirrors find yourself.

Annette foran værket "Memories of Love"

C. V.

ITSLIQUID International Art Exhibition Venice 2022
(in ITSLIQUID ART SPACE – Venice Grand Canal)
May 13, 2022 – June 03, 2022

ITSLIQUID International Art Exhibition Venice 2022 - Anima Mundi - Rituals  (in Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello)
April 15, 2022 - May 05, 2022
Work: “Purple red Reflection”


ITSLIQUID International Art Exhibition - London Contemporary
March 10, 2022 - April 01, 2022
Work: “Purple red Reflection”


Online Exhibition - BUTTERFLY EFFECT
Exhibition period: February 23 - July 23, 2022

See the 8 works and mention here  

OPEN ART CODE Paris Salon des Indépendants - ART CAPITAL
February 15, 2022 - February 20, 2022
Work: “Paris with Love”


ITSLIQUID International Art Exhibition Venice 2022 - The Body Language 2022
January 27, 2022 - February 18, 2022
Work: “Memories of Love”

December 16, 2021 - January 10, 2022
Work: “Memories of Love”

ITSLIQUID International Art Fair Venice 2021 - Contemporary Venice

November 16, 2021 - December 09, 2021
Work: “Memories of Love”

Interview: Luca Curci talks with Annette Lang

XIII FLORENCE BIENNALE - Feminine Change (Invited by Professor Pasquale Celona)
October 23, 2021 - October 31, 2021
Work: “Memories of Love”

Selected  as one of ATIM, s top 60 masters for the 2022  (June 2022 in new York)

Censored exhibitions

Censored exhibition in Brøndsalen

Censored exhibition Hillerød Art Fair

Censored exhibition Kunstmuseet Annaborg

Censored exhibition Minimalen

Censored Summer Exhibition Tistrup

Censored exhibition Art Fair Copenhagen

Previous exhibitions


Politikens Hus

Berlingske Tidende

Spar Bank




Leo Pharma

SDC Ballerup

Ministry of Finance


The Royal Garment Factory


Rockwool International

Gallery Vintappergård

Gallery Lap Art

Gallery Nyhavn

Gallery Hundested

Gallery Spinderiet Valby

Gallery Trap

Gallery Egone

Gallery Lang and Olsen Vesterbrogade

Gallery ÆØÅ

Gallery Loppen

The heating gallery

The magazine in Odense

Art 2 See, Odense

Albertslund Town Hall

Vig Town Hall

Jyderup Folk High School


Urban renewal Rådhuspladsen

FSB Rådhuspladsen

AKB Kunstforening

Café 13 Kunstforening

Torvehallerne in Vejle

Struer Railway Station

Værløse Library

Farum Library

Vilvorde Course Center

Rejsestalden, Jægerspris

Sankt Helene Kilden

My home My castle

Nærings- og Nydelsesforbundets Kunstforening

FTF, Niels Hemmingsgade

Methods and architens VP


Thrane and Thrane


Lyrskovsgade Library

Ahlefeldtsgade Library

VP Weidekampsgade


Støberihallen, Hillerød

Amager Incineration

Kidde Danmark


Bautahøj, Kulhuse


Løvens Kunstforening

Nordic Artists

Bravida, Brøndby


Vester Kopi

The coffee shop


Gallery ÆØÅ

Helsingør Art Gallery

as well as various cafés and community centers

Decorating tasks:

The New Theater

Ceiling paintings, marble columns and more.


Other artistic educations and assignments:

1972 - 1979         

Church singer


Krogerup Folk High School


Singer in Synops Band. Gospel choir


Educated at Copenhagen Art School

1988 - 1989         

The acting line Nørrebro Drama School

1989 - 1991         

Actor at the Children's Theater Det Gode Håb


Actor in the Danish Refugee Council "Welcome to United States"


Actor in "The Sect" and "Night Swarms"

1995 - 1996         

Trained as a drama director


Mask teacher at Kapelvej and Den Røde Højskole

1997 - 1999         

Director of the musicals: "The Burning Land" and "The Neglected Spring"


Short film competition - actor in "A happy ending"

2000 - now           

Painter and teacher


Trained healer of recent times

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